Manage accounts in Operator Portal

1. Client Accounts

All the partner’s client accounts are available under the Client Accounts list.


You can use the headers to view, at a glance, how many active accounts, new accounts and inactive accounts you have in your dashboard, and filter and search accounts using the tools on the right-hand side.

2. Log into a Client Account

In case you need to log into a client account in order to make changes to and set up the account, click on the account you would like to log into and click on the Login As button in the top right-hand corner to log in. You will be acting on behalf of the account owner.

If you would like to log in as a specific staff member, you can do so from the Staff tab (see 3.4 below)


When you are finished working on the account, click the x button in the sidebar next to the business name to return to your operator portal.


3. Managing Client Accounts

Click on any account to view its information and take actions.

3.1 Business information

  • You will find the client account's contact information, Business UID (used in API integrations), creation date and the subscription (plan) they are on.
  • Tags: You can add tags to an account to categorize them more effectively.
  • Note: Add internal notes to keep track of important information across your entire team.

3.2 Activity

The Activity tab will help you judge whether an account has been successfully onboarded and is actively using the account.

  • Under the Activity tab, you can view the last 3 months of your client account's activity, including the number of bookings they have set and payments that were accepted.
  • Onboarding: The onboarding checklist will let you know how many of the onboarding steps in the onboarding wizard were completed.
    If instead of the checklist, you see the In Setup message, then you can click Mark setup as complete to restart the onboarding wizard for your client.
  • Sites: The websites that the account's widgets have been added to will be listed here.

3.3 Subscription

In the Subscription tab, you can see what subscription (plan\package) your client account is subscribed to and the number of staff members they can add. You can manually change the assigned package and number of available staff slots.


3.4 Staff

In the Staff tab, you will find all the Staff members who have been added to the account. All staff members have their own login information. To log in as a specific staff member, click on Login by their name.



The primary admin/owner of the client account is the user with the email address listed in the business information panel.


3.5 History

The History tab is a log of operator activity on the client account. This data can help you understand what changes have been made by members of your team.



Logs are kept for a period of 6 months, at which point they are deleted.


3.6 Account

The Account tab is where you can control the client account and perform actions such as restricting access to the account and resetting the account password.

  • Lock account: Click this toggle to lock the client account. The account owner (primary admin) and all staff members will no longer be able to log in. Keep in mind that operators cannot log into a locked account either.
  • Enable send links: To protect our platform from abuse, all new accounts are banned from sending external links in announcements and other messages for a roughly 30-day screening period. Click this toggle to bypass the screening period.
  • Secure: If you designate an account as secure, only operators that have a role with 'Secure' in the title will be allowed to perform actions on the account. This is helpful for accounts that must abide by HIPAA standards, for example.
  • Nickname: The nickname you set here will be used as the back half of the client account's Business Page URL (accounts may not share a nickname). This is also used as an External ID for the business.
  • Operator assignments: Divide up the work among your team by assigning accounts to operators. You can assign multiple operators to an account.



Operators can use the My Accounts filter in the Client Accounts list to filter out only the client account that are assigned to them. This makes it easy to manage individual workloads.

  • Set as template: Enable this checkbox if you would like to set this account as a template. You can use templates to quickly create multiple new accounts with the same settings.



For more information on creating and using account templates, see here.

  • Reset password: You can set a new password for primary admin of the account to help them recover their account. Keep in mind that this link can also be used to reset a password (you must be logged out to access the reset password form).