Payment gateway


inTandem allows integrating your preferred 3rd party payment gateway in an easy and convenient way.

To integrate a payment gateway with inTandem, you’ll need to build an application that will function as a middleware between inTandem and the 3rd party payment gateway.

Payment gateway integration is built upon the following building blocks:

  • Connect/Disconnect - The process of connecting (or disconnecting) the payment gateway
  • Checkout - Online payment for end users ("clients")
  • Charge - The ability to charge credit cards via the back office
  • Card on File - Storing users' credit card information for future transactions
  • Refund - Refunding payments


Step 1: Register your app on inTandem

First, you need to create a payment-type app (see more details here). After your app is ready, register it in inTandem and create its token with Create Token API.



The app should have its redirect_uri and api_url properties pointing to the same URL

Step 2: Routes

Your app needs to have specific routes that inTandem can interact with on each one of the events during the integration and payment processes:

Connect/Disconnect routes

  • GET {REDIRECT_URI}/connect
  • GET {REDIRECT_URI}/disconnect

Charge routes

  • GET {REDIRECT_URI}/charge
  • POST {REDIRECT_URI}/charge

Card on file routes

  • POST {REDIRECT_URI}/customer
  • POST {REDIRECT_URI}/customer/:token/attach
  • POST {REDIRECT_URI}/customer/:token/detach

Refund routes

  • POST {REDIRECT_URI}/refund