Directory Owners (Partners)

Each partner has their clients' business accounts and different environments where they are available.

Each environment is called a Directory, and all the client's business accounts underneath it inherit the directory configuration. i.e. Branding, Partner's domain, Partner's external pages in account management etc..

A partner can have several directories, each for a different purpose: Production, Sandbox, Demo etc..
Each directory has its own authorization token to use in the API requests.



Directory token is unique for the specific directory and can only be used for requests relevant to accounts and apps underneath this directory.

inTandem provides programmatic access for their partners to create, manage, and control businesses registered to their directory and access information using simple, powerful, and secure APIs.

Any functionality described in inTandem Development Hub is available only using a unique Token.

As an inTandem partner, you will be requested to use a unique token that will be provided to partners and directory admins.

In order to receive your unique token, please contact us at [email protected] or contact your account manager in our partners team

Finding your API token

Partners and directory owners can request a directory token directly from their dedicated customer success rep.


Directory token

The directory token can be used for APIs dedicated to partners and directory owners, like the Create Business API, or alternately, in order to send API requests on behalf of a specific business that lives under the directory. For example, getting all clients of a given business, as demonstrated in the next section below.



The x-on-behalf-of header lets you send API requests on behalf of specific businesses using the directory token. By specifying the business id in the x-on-behalf-of header we will return only the results for that business as shown in the example below.

Sending your first API request to inTandem platform

Example of an API request for getting business clients:


headers: {"Authorization": "Bearer YOUR_DIRECTORY_TOKEN"}

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'x-on-behalf-of: {BUSINESS_ID}' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {DIRECTORY_TOKEN}' \

Example of API Response

    "status": "OK",
    "data": {
        "clients": [
                "id": "6vc9t1hthvlvz34f",
                "first_name": "My",
                "last_name": "Name",
                "mobile_phone": null,
                "email": "[email protected]",
                "address": null,
                "created_at": "2021-08-12T13:03:47Z",
                "updated_at": "2021-10-13T09:37:37Z",
                "customer_status": "lead",
                "tags": [],
                "opt_in": null,
                "source": "Facebook",
                "source_url": null,
                "channel": null,
                "campaign": null,
                "business_uid": "ua123a14yoqqz3r3"