Engagements Report

Query for a list of all the conversations (a.k.a engagements) for a given date range. Conversations will be sorted by date of creation. The GET request will be answered by a JSON containing an array of engagement objects

The engagement object will include the following fields:

created_atThe creation time of the conversation.
business_respondedWhether the conversation includes messages by the business. used to determine whether the business responded to the contact request by a client. Business responded =1, Business didn't respond =0.
engagement_idAn internal ID of the engagement.
lead_typeThe type of the initial message that started this conversation. e.g. "meeting", "internally", "payment", "message", "document".
business_idAn internal ID of the business account.
business_nicknameThe nickname of the business account.
source_typeThe source type of the engagement. indicates how the engagement started. (e.g. contact_form, livesite_widget etc).
website_urlIf relevant, the URL the client contacted the business from.
channelIf relevant, the lead channel.
campaignIf relevant, the campaign source of the lead.
titleThe engagement title.
updated_atThe last time the business or a client responded on this engagement.
client_first_nameThe first name of the client.
client_last_nameThe last name of the client.
client_idThe client unique id.

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