Update business identities

Add business identities to optimize the business terminology, settings, and content

  • The provided identities must exist in the system
  • Each call adds the provided identities to the list of identities already set for the business
  • Provide one identity only when running Verti. Providing multiple identities will fail.
  • For best practice, when creating an account, do one of the following:
    1. Don't assign an identity - when not assigning an identity, Verti uses the default identity content and settings. Later, when re-running Verti with an identity, it will overwrite the account settings and content with the provided identity settings and will append its content.
    2. Assign the account an identity that was marked as "Generic" - Verti only clones its content and not the settings. Later when re-running Verti, it will add the additional identity's content and settings.
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